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quotes from Precious_Quotes_x33
as we grow up there's going to be

many things that we don't like, hook-up's

that mean so much to one person and nothing

to the other. girls who like the same guy you

like, you'll meet new people who may matter

more than others might, but the one guy who

stays by you till the end will be the one

-- Laguna Beach *

turn out the lights now;

to see is to believe.

i just want you near me;

i just want you here with me.

and i'd give up everything only for you,

it's the least that i could do.. <3

the truth is, we hide so we can be found. we walk away to see who will follow, we cry to see who will wipe away our tears and we let our hearts get broken to see who will come and fix then <3

take chances, be young, go crazy

drive fast, kiss slow, no regrets*

and even though the photograph of me and you doesn't go with the way things are now, i still wish i was back in that picture with you in your arms *

every minute we're apart feels like forever <3

you say the sweetest little things

to me, at just the right moments, and it

makes me feel so good.. <3

not a day goes by that i dont think of you <3

and dont you know, she adores you.

i know exactly what makes me happy and your exactly it.

theres a spot in my heart that will never belong to anyone but you <3

do you know how many times i've

laid awake all night thinking about

how LUCKY i am and how much

..<33 i love you <33..

you are the type of boy that'll come up behind me.. put your hand on my hips.. just to catch me off guard and whisper in my ear loud enough for everyone to hear --?[i love you baby]

sometimes, no matter how long or how hard

you've loved someone, they just wont love you back

and no matter how much it hurts,

you'll have to be okay with that.

with friendship it doesnt matter how long you've

known then or how many fights you've been through

.. all that matters is who said they'd be there till the

end, and proved it.

dont find love ; let love find you

thats why its called falling in love

you dont force yourself to fall

y o u . j u s t . d o

when i walk by the two of you together, it seems like your voice gets louder, your smile gets bigger and you hold her even tighter. it's as if you want to prove a point, you want to show me you're happy. well i'll let you know something. your point is proven. you've acheieved your goal. because if it's sorrow you wat me to be in, don't worry you took care of that a long time ago.

i love being with you.. i dont have to work hard to impress anyone you know all my faults i cant cry in front of you and you'll just hold me until i stop or i can laugh so hard i cry and you'll laugh with me until we're both crying and its perfect how sometimes we dont have to say anything just being together is enough.. even though we know everything about each other we still never run out of things to talk about. youre always there for me whether to hold me or laugh with me youve been with me through everything and i cant imagine ever not having you in my life. i love having you in my life. forever is what ive always imagined myself sharing with you <3

a girl can only go so long without her best friend

my imaginary friend thinks you have serious problems

be careful of your thought, for your thought become your words.

be careful of your words, for your words become your actions.

be careful of your actions, for they become your habits.

be careful of your habits, for they become your character.

im deleting you from my life.

no longer am i going to suffer because of you.

you never know who your true friends are..

until tears are rolling down your cheeks;

the true friends are the ones,

who are there to wipe the tears

and hold your hand;

when everybody else just stands around

wondering what happened to you.

i hate how we dont tlak for weeks

but then all of a sudden you talk to

me again. and it is like as if

nothing happened.. and i slowly

start falling for you.. all over again

to her ;;

he's everything.

to him ;;

shes just a girl..

take every chance you get because

..some things only happen once

you dont have to be together

for him to break your heary

no body is p e r f e c t

some people are just

perfect for each other <3

theres only a few things in life

im addicted to .. *your eyes .

*your smile . *your voice . and *you .

play in the pouring rain.

dance when theres no music.

walk barefoot in the sand.

lay under the stars.

love like no other.

share secrets with friends.

laugh until it hurts.

and remember every minute of it

because you only get one life.

one day we are all going to fall in love. we are going to find a guy that makes us weak in the knees and gives us butterflies in our stomachs. who loves us for our imperfections and little things that make us unique and wouldnt trade us for the world.

one day we will get over high school drama. we will realize the important things in life are our friends and family and that the two go hand in hand. we will realize how amazing everyone is and how we could never live without them.

one day we will grow up. we will have responsibilties, children, mortgages, car payments, and jobs. we will carry baggage; not only briefcases but emotional as well. but until then lets live life to its fullest, be kids, make mistakes, laugh too long and too often, (make out too long and too often), enjoy friends and just life fabulously.

L O V E- the short with that leads to..

Most cases of broken heart ;;

An estimated 3/4 of all suicides ,,

And pretty much causes girls to cry.

glamorous and oh so gangster

with chanel sunglasses and a popped collar

she's brilliant but what things seem

aren't exactly what they are.

life isnt about the anount of breaths you take, its about the amount of moments that take your breath away.

we're not perfect. we laugh too hard,

we are way too loud and we make complete fools

of ourselves, but doing it together is what

makes us best friends forever

the only thing i ever wanted from you was a hug, is that too hard to ask for?

i have the weirdest laugh

and you always seem to make fun of me for it,

even though you do it.

i have this little voice in the

back of my head, that is saying

'dont worry, i know he really does love you'

i just tell myself.

"man i hope its true"

maybe its the way you grab my hand and hold it or the way you kiss me or maybe its the way you put your arms around me. maybe its the way you look at me and your smile just makes me melt. maybe its the way we can talk on the phone for hours about absolutely nothing at all but i still feel like i just had the best conversation of my life. maybe its the way that i want to break down and cry <33

i've thought about you so many times.

i've tried to get over you but each time i fail.

i stay up at night wondering what you are doing.

and honestly it's starting to scare me.

i'm scared that i'm just wasting my time on someone who will never love me back.

i want to know what you are thinking when you look at me and smile. <3

people say when you cry you'll always get

what you want but i know that's not true

because i cry all the time but i'm still not with you.

call me a slut.

call me a whore.

call me whatever. ive heard it before.

say that im fake. say that i lie. say what you want.

you wont see me cry, because i know none of its true but calling me all this shit,

ha, what the fuck does that make you?

i'm a mess and my room usually is too.

i laugh at the stupidest things, and say the

wrong thing at the wrong times. i cry for

no reason. soemtimes i get mad easily.

but i'm just me and that's all i can be.

boy, i promise you that she wont

ever be able to love you like i do..

one day someone asked me to

describe myslef ;; i said-

i'm 15, i have brown eyes and i love a

boy who loves me back <3

never say you're sorry for what you meant to do.

we get in the biggest fights with the poeple we care about the most because those are the relationships we're willing to fight for <33

dont ever frown because you never know who is falling in love iwth your smile

falling in love was always easy for me.

its just falling out of it is the part that kills me.

no i dont like you.

i am totally in love with you.

i wish today,

could be tomorrow...

because the night,

is filled with sorrow

i dont get it;;

she stares at you all through class,

shes always trying to be around you,

and yet

you're totally blind of all of it

he looks at me with his beautiful eyes and

he smiles, and it pathetically makes my day

all i want is one chance, one kiss, one night to

show you what you mean to me, one chance to spend

the day with you and to show you how we're

so alike. one kiss to prove we're more than

just friends... and one night to hold you tight.

diamonds are so pretty

and so are pearls

but nothing is as gorgeous

as me and my girls <3

* SiGNS YoU LoVE HiM ;; <3

- you stare at him a lot.

- he always makes you laugh.

- you can tell him anything.

- you always seem to fing yourself thinking about him.

- when he's anywhere near you, you have to be with him.

- you go crazy over every little thing he does or says.

- whenever your with him you can't help but smile.

so lets have our last dance ;; hold

me tight in your arms, move quietly

to the music then press freeze. i

wanna stay in this moment forever*

it's the days we're so crazy people think we're drunk

the times we're so bored we laugh until we cry

all the inside jokes and the "remember whens"

these are all the reasons we'll always be best friends

i dont want the stars and the moon..

just someone to lay under them with

today was one of those days. the kinda days when here you're with your friends. and that special someone's there. and you're just living in the moment. you're cracking up, just having fun, and you just feel so beautiful. that's when you look up and see him standing right there. and then it all makes sense. and you just dont wanna let go of that moment forever.

i love you. i love you not because you're adorable or because you're sweet, or because you're my best friend. i love you because you make me step outside myself and look at who i really am. you make me want to be a better person, just because you are who you are. i can tell you absolutely everything and i know you will listen. and you're one of my best friends. but i will keep all of this to myself because i love you, but you do not love me... i wish that i could make you love me but i cannot. that is why these words will be forever lost in my memories never to be spoken aloud: i love you.

love is too strong of a word to be said too early but it has too beautiful of a meaning to be said too late

i am in love with nothing more than the memories of you

he's beautiful

he's funny

he's nice

he's amazing

he's the only one for me

break the rules

and stand apart

ignore your head

and follow your

heart <33

we're never gonna

get anywhere if

we don't get a little crazy::

be crazy...be sensible...

be stupid...be goody-two-shoes...

be weird...be cool...



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