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okay, so maybe i like to dance in my underwear and laugh in the rain... but, you see, its the little things that make up for all the pain.

so its like...

i want to tell you

but i dont want you to know

i love talking about you because i can never run out of things to say. i never have a bigger smile or louder laugh, and even with everything that i say, i'm still the O N L Y one that understands why i love you <3

sure - i think other guys are cute, but everytime i see a cute guy - i remind myself of how cute you are. of how much i love you --- of how sweet you are. of how you can always brighten my day, and suddenly that other guy doesnt look so good anymore - so i look the other way

always hold your head up high..

even if on the inside you're about to cry..

pretend that nothing's wrong at all - close

your eyes before you fall. if you can't see it.

it's not there.. this is life and it's not fair..

everyone cries, everyone weeps

we all stay up late one night

because we can't go to sleep

tears coming out,

thoughts deep in your head;

so you -- sit and lay there;

and cry on your bed

you can't help but think

about all the things you had

you can't help but wonder;;

why they make you so sad.

you can't help to think

where did you go wrong?

you can't help to listen to your old song.

you can't help to think

about him day and night.

you can't help but wonder why.

this match isn't right.

so you're happy to see him.

it's been a long time;

you're happy to see him

and you don't know why.

she sits in the corner.. singing herself to sleep.. wrapped around in promises.. that no one seems to keep..

all i wanted was for him to ask what was wrong,

for him to care about how i felt,

for him to hug me and hold me,

and promise everything will be okay.

i need him tonight.

but he's not here...

he always has a way of never being there

one day you'll wake up and realize how special she is. and she'll be waking up to someone who already knows.

i love the thought, knowing you're here to love me and i have someone back to love.

GiViNG UP - doesnt make you weak. it means you're strong enough to let go

quotes from Precious_Quotes_x33

me and him were friends,

but once i told him i liked him.

he never took a glance at me again.

you make me feel invisible, i wish i really was.

she knows i like him,

whenever i'm with her i never shut up about him

then tonight, it all changed,

'cause she had to dance with him <3

lets kiss in the rain;

where the rain is so hard

the only thing we can see

is each other...

they always told us that hate was the worst thing you could say about a person but i simply must disagree if you dont really mean it, the love is the worst thing you could ever say.

i'm making myself nervous

trying to be so perfect,

because i know you're so worth it

you know he's something special

when no matter what kind of mood your

in, he can always manage to make you smile

i'm in love with you and i fell so hard,

i cant stop this feeling even if i wanted to

he's all i talk about

he's all i think about

he's all i dream about

he's all i whisper about

he's all i giggle about

he's all i ever wanted

-- and i love him more than anything

you're simply amazing.. i've never had anyone likie you in my life the way you make me smile is just unbelievable <3

every little tear we cried

for all the crazy stuff we tried

for staying through odds n ends

no one can replace my

*best friend*

Prep;;Goth;;Punk;;Skater;;Whatever.....me and my friends are just.....cool.

ever since i met you.. it just hasnt been the same; all i've been doing - is putting hearts around your name. <3

you say the sweetest things to me

at just the right moments

and it makes me feel so good

i'm a mess and my room usually is too. i laugh at the stupidest things, and say the wrong thing at the wrong time. i cry for no reason. sometimes i get mad easliy, but i'm just me and that's all i can be.

no matter how ugly you think

you are - - that special person that

loves you believes you're the most

beautiful and irresistible thing on

earth and nothing can ever change that.

what do you do when you k.n.o.w something is bad for you..

and you still can't l-e-t g.o..

we rock the ripped jeans and huge sunglasses taht perfectly match our 'screw you' attitudes and; to be honest we dont care if we mean a thing to you.. but you know we do. <3

you can have everything you want

you just cant have it all at once.

i cant say i've actually loved you, at least

not in that way, but i can tell you that i know

i could have if you had just given me the chance to do so

me and my friends are inseperable

you could try all you want to

b r e a k u s a p a r t < / 3

but somehow we will always

find our way back together

i'm the girl who will

put her head on your shoulder,

not because she's sleepy..

but because she want to be

c l o s e r t o y o u <3

she stood in the pouring rain, screaming his name, as he slowly walked away.

i'm nowhere near perfect; i eat when i'm bored, i fall for boys too easily, i'm vulnerable to believing lies, i'm hoping that one day i don't need a fake smile and made up stories to get someone to like me, i live by quotes that explain exactly what i'm going through and i make up excuses for everything.

i have my best friends and

my enemies; drama and

memories i'm just your

average typical teenager

i'm 99.9% sure that he doesnt like me, but its that .1% that keeps me hanging on.

her heart finally realized
what her mind knew all a l o n g

i cant figure our if i'm in love

with you... or the memories

she sparkles and shines, but feels so dull around him.

people's words affect you only as much as you let them.

truly great friends are hard to find,

difficult to leave,

and impossible to forget

we're all a little weird, and when we find those people whose weirdness is compatible with ours, we join up with then and fall into mutually satisfying weirdness and call them our best friends

i just know that he warms my heart

and knows what all my imperfections are

and he said that i was

the brightest little firefly in his jar

do you know what it's like to fall in love?

to feel the most amazing feeling in the world

and when you dont think you could be happier

he tells you he met someone else

and your heart just stops beating?

i rock to my own style

and dance to my own beat

yeah, i'm over you, but i still have you on my buddy list and i still smile when you sign on..

we used to be the best of friends;; stay up till 4 in the morning talking about random things;; we used to have little rights and then move on;; we used to do each others make-up and hair and go out and have a good time;; but now i see you in the hallways and we just pass each other like we never even knew each others middle names

everyone has someone

out there that is perfect for them.

i'm so glad i found my perfection.

how do you know if he loves you?... its when you slap him and he kisses you. when you scream and he takes the time to calm you down. when you cry and he just holds you until you're alright. when you tell him how much you hates him and he says "i love you babe."

i'll tell you one thing..

it's always better when we're together

and its like.. your eyes still give me a reason to breathe;; the midnight kisses still mean absolutely everything to me

the only thing i love more than you is *us*

after all is said and done, i still think you're amazing. i still cherish every moment i spent with you, every smile you brought to my face. i'll be forever thankful that someone like you was brought into my life, even if you had to be taken away too soon. see, you were my miracle. you were the fairytale i got to live.

our laughs --?[ limitless ]

our memories --?[ countless ]

our friendship --?[ endless ]

it's that . .

|| up all night || all the time || girl talk || never fight || pink promise || guarantee || best friends forever ||

kinda thing . .

-- put your arms around me

what you feel is what you are

and what you are is beautiful --

he's my best friend, you know? the kind where at the end of the day i love to come home just to talk to him. the where i long for the weekend so i can see him. he's more than just my best friend; he's my world...

and when i'm gone, just carry on, don't mourn

rejoice every time you hear the sound of my [voice]

just know that i'm looking down on you smiling

and i didn't feel a thing, so baby don't feel no pain

just s.m.i.l.e back<--

--*this reminds me of my best friend Brittani Jeanneret who died last year at the age of 14.. in loving memory*--

i smile each time i hear you're voice

but i can't help it. it's not my coice

my heart beats fast, my knees get weak.

my stomach drops and i can hardly speak.

every moment feels like a brand new

i just can't help it but.. i'm crazy about you

if i had to do it all over again,

i would.

you're worth every second

of my time

and every one of my thoughts.

sometimes i wonder..

why i am friends with you?

because all you ever do to me

is go and tell my secrets to

you always talk about me

b e h i n d m y b a c k

and then when i find out

and ask you why you talk

about me behind my back

you lie right to my face

and say that you never did that

well guess what.. i have

G O O D F R i E N D S <3

that tell me when..

poeple like you.. do this to

p e o p l e l i k e m e <3

so you know what bitch??

you can go find yourself

some other friends to go

F U C K A R O U N D <3

everyone says i should let go,

but how could i let go..

i f i s t i l l c a r e ??

and her heart got destoyed;

by a boy she thought she loved..

all he has to do is look at me

and it pathetically makes my day

and at first the relationship was only to make her jealous but now i think i'm really in love

no one will remember

the way love was

supposed to be.

pure and undefined.

*all you need is faith, trust and a little pixie dust 'hold my hand and we'll make it i swear..* --peter pan

for him i'd smile when he's happy

kiss him when he's sad.. try to be the

perfect girl and calm him when he's mad

hold his hand to make him strong and

say he's right when i know he's wrong

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