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i always thought it was dumb for him to pick me in the first place. i'm not special... never was... never will be. he just made me believe i was && broke my heart when he finally realized i wasn't.

how will you know i'm hurting if you cannot see my pain. to wear it on my body tells what words cannot explain.

there's a girl in my mirror crying tonight... nothing i say seems to make her feel alright.

behind my smile is a hurting heart. behind my laugh i'm falling apart. look closely and you will see... the girl i am isn't really me.

another poem, another line, another girl pretending she's fne... another hour, another day, she wishes she could get away... another heartbreak, another tear, another excuse she doesn't want to hear... another paper, another pen, she writes she wants to be strong again... another story, another lie, another night that she will cry... another band, another song, another day passed, slowly gone... another scream, another doubt, "kick me while i'm down" to him she'd shout... another forced smile, another broken heart, just another girl wishing life would restart.

i hate myself for needing this. i love our twisted little mess. i know its wrong but it feels right. the taste of tears are bittersweet tonight.

love starts with a hug... grows with a kiss... and ends with a tear.

you can see in my eyes that i'm not okay... i know you're afraid to help me... i watched you walk away.

they all have somebody to love them && i cant help but then its not fair. all i have is one smiple request, i just want someone to care.

i wish i was as invisible as you make me feel.

and so there she stood, on the edge of the bridge, looking down at the dark water. the last thought going through her mind was how he said he loved her... and the broken her heart. so with one last final breath, she pushed forward, and for one second she actually felt as if she was flying... that is, until she hit the icy water below.

suicide is a permanent solution to a temporary problem.

life is merely a death wish.

she knew she didnt have much time as the blood ran down her arm. she starts to cry, but why? wasnt this what she wanted after all? she takes her last breath and decides she doesnt want to die. too late she's become the statistic. just another teen suicide.

so i'll put on a smile and pretend like everythings okay

music is the medicine of a broken heart

you're my right when everythings wrong. you're always there to keep me strong. you've dried my tears when i wanted to cry, and you made life worth living for when i wanted to die.

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